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Chris Broach
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Chris Broach is a lifelong musician. He started with acoustic & electric guitar at the age of 7, classical training with clarinet in grade school and middle school, and was introduced to punk via skateboarding and shredding it up. What followed was a love for new wave music - and then a connection to independent music through local bands, local basement and vfw shows, and a love for all things coming from Dischord Records’ catalog of artists in high school. It was then that he started singing and eventually playing guitar in different bands with his friends. Though classically trained early on, he learned to play guitar by ear and everything else followed. He launched into the music scene as a guitarist and co-singer of the influential indie / emo act Braid when he joined at the age of 17. Post-Braid he released under the name The Firebird Band for many years. His current active band is SNST. Other past bands include: L’ Spaerow, Life at Sea, and more.

Broach spent time in the early-mid 2000s as an assistant engineer and produced music at Coney Island Studios in Madison, WI. w/ Wendy Schneider. He’s recorded with his bands at Inner Ear w/ J Robbins, Smart Studios, Million Yen w/ Jeff Dean & Will Yip, Studio 4 w/ Will Yip, Steve Albini’s home (pre-Electrical Audio) w/ Tom Zaluckyj, Earth Analog w/ Matt Talbott, and in many smaller studios around the midwest w/ many other engineers and producers. His experience working in many different studio environments, soaking it in whenever he could, led him to music production on his own, in his home, and at other studios. He now runs Mass Energy where he produces, records, mixes, and masters records. Email for rates

Some musicians Broach has performed with: Damon Atkinson, Aaron Barr, Todd Bell, Erik Bocek, Kenneth Boksa, Riley Broach, Elizabeth Elmore, Pablo Gammeri, Andrew Hawthorne, Steve Holmes, John Isberg, Adam Johnson, Steve Lamos, Bob Nanna, Sebastien Paquet, Erik Shepherd, Tony Thaxton, Chris Wilson, Matt Yeates, Steve Znavor…

Incomplete list of artists Broach has shared the stage with: 90 Day Men, Alkaline Trio, All, American Football, At the Drive In, Bluetip, Brainiac, Burning Airlines, Cap’n Jazz, Corm, Crownhate Ruin, Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab For Cutie, Earth Crisis, Ezra Pound, Faraquet, Hail Social, Hot Water Music, Jimmy Eat World, Joan of Arc, June of ‘44, Karate, Kerosene 454, Less Than Jake, Matt Pond PA, Mineral, Minus the Bear, Modest Mouse, Moneen, Motion City Soundtrack, Murder By Death, Owen, P.I.L., Q & Not U, Rainer Maria, Refused, Sarge, Seaweed, Smart Went Crazy, Spirit Assembly, SRFCKR, The Anniversary, The Get Up Kids, The Gloria Record, The Promise Ring, The Reputation, Surfer Blood…

SNST 2019

SNST 2019




In 2019, after working on some new material on and off by himself, Chris brought on his wife, Sonja Broach to sing for the band, as well. While Chris maintains some lead vocal duties, the new material is more heavily focused on Sonja’s vocal strength and lyrical content. Sonja also lended her vocal talents to the 2017 “Turn Out the Lights” debut album on a few tracks doing some backups. Sonja sang with indie bands on and off through the years, and was classically trained as a singer throughout her childhood and teens. The new material showcases Chris Broach’s writing, production, and musical performance and highlights Sonja’s vocal style.


SNST started with Chris Broach of BRAID The Firebird Band and Steve Znavor of The Firebird Band. Their first album was produced, recorded, and mixed by Will Yip (Tigers Jaw, Nothing, Circa Survive, Pity Sex), SNST’s first LP Turn Out The Lights represented a new beginning for both Broach and Znavor – a fresh body of work that seamlessly blended electronic and organic instrumentation into a unique amalgam of music that's as apt to make you dance as it is to make you think.

The duo wrote the songs that would become Turn Out The Lights at each other's respective residences in Chicago and Los Angeles. From the club-worthy, synth-driven groove of “Get Over Yourself” to the stripped-down perfection of “'76 – '78” and angular post-rock feel of “Running From The Girl,” Turn Out The Lights is an album that's difficult to categorize because it doesn't have an allegiance to any one genre – and its strengths lie in the liberating nature of that freedom. Turn Out The Lights was as infectious as it was intellectual – and the duo tackled topics ranging from deeply personal to passionately political within the course of the album.

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Mass Energy

Mass Energy is a music production, recording, mixing, and mastering studio on the North Shore of Chicago. The studio has a full complement of analog and digital gear - a full ProTools setup - in addition to full setup of Ableton, Reason, and more. There are basses and guitars and amplifiers - as well as analog and digital synths, pianos, & a Fender Rhodes. There are analog and digital drum machines and full drum kits. There are even a bunch of interesting children’s instruments. The studio currently mainly focuses on post-production, mixing, and mastering. Pre-production, tracking, & engineering is available in some cases. Email for rates and questions

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